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Welcome to Keppel-Sarawak Elementary School
Home of the Keppel Sarawak Cougars!
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Tuesday, September 3rd marks the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year!

Many thanks to Mr. Field, Mr. Fairman and Mrs. McNabb for all of their hard work over the summer to get our school looking so clean, polished and ready for school to begin.

Our teachers and educational support staff are looking forward to another great year of working, learning and playing together!

On the first day of school students should remain outside until the bell rings.

Once the bell rings everyone will return to their homeroom class from last year.

Following the morning announcements students will be delivered to their new classroom for the 2019-2020 school year.

All new students at our school are invited to the library where you will be greeted by our friendly staff and escorted to your new classroom shortly after the morning announcements.
If our first day of school is a rainy one:
All of last year’s Grade 1-6 students may enter the school as they arrive after 8:30am and go directly to their classroom from last year.
All Junior and Senior Kindergarten students (including SK’s moving to Grade 1) can come directly into the gym where they will be met be last year’s educators and directed to their new classes following morning announcements.

There is always lots happening at our school -things for everyone to get involved in. Please encourage your child to participate in a recess time activity and feel the cougar-spirit!

Please know that our door is always open and we are always available to meet with you to address any questions or suggestions you have regarding our school community!

Your partner in education,

Laurie Gilkinson

**NOTE - we are currently in the process of updating our website information. Thank you for your patience as we work through these upgrades.

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We are very excited to announce that we will be offering parents the convenience of paying online for school activities, field trips and sports events, in the near future.

For safety and efficiency reasons, we want to reduce the amount of cash and cheques coming into our school. School related expenses will be available online for you to make payments during the school year soon.

You can register for your online payment account now. Click on the image below to get started.
Click here to register or login.

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