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Message from the Principal

Joel Wardell needs our help...please vote for him!

As part of our local Grey Roots Museum Heritage Fair, Joel Wardell has been chosen as one of 200 students to take part in the Young Citizens program where students from across Canada present research on an important topic related to our Canadian heritage. Joel researched and put together a video presentation on dog sledding. His video is posted on the Canada’s History for Kids website and can be found at the following link:

Please help Joel by going to the website, watching his video and voting for him online until July 6th. Your vote will help the panel of judges decide which 26 participants will receive a trip to Ottawa in the fall to attend a Canada’s History Youth Forum so every vote counts!

Keppel-Sarawak is proud of you Joel. Good Luck!


They say time flies when you are having fun and I know we have a fun-filled month upon us with numerous activities planned!

As we move into our final month for this school year, we are beginning to look at school organization for next year.  When considering placement of students we look at learning needs, teaching styles, male/female ratios etc.  Please note that our current class structure for next year does not allow for much flexibility and that there is a possibility that we may be required to re-organize in the Fall and teaching assignments could change.  Split vs. straight classes are strictly based on numbers of students per grade and determined by capped class sizes and Board averages.  If you have any specific requests that would help to make your child be more academically successful and suit their individual learning needs (no teacher requests, please) you may put it in writing to Mrs. Munro prior to June 15th.  Please trust our professional judgement as we begin the process of placing students in classes for next year. The best interest of every student is our priority.

Later this month we will be saying good-bye to Mrs. Skippen, Mrs. Coburn and Ms. Lamberti who all are ending long term occasional teaching assignments with us. We wish them well and look forward to the possibility of having them back in our building at some point in the future. New to our school next year will be Mrs. McManaman who comes to us from Derby Public School, Mrs. Fullerton, who is doing an exchange with Mrs. Mason, and Ms. MacMillan, an EA from Alexandra.  All the best to everyone in their new roles!
Finally, congratulations to Mr. Henry, Mrs. McLean and Mrs. Elliot as they look forward to retirement! We wish them all the best as they begin this new phase of their lives!
Have a wonderful summer and see you back at Keppel on Sept. 6th. Thank you for letting us know if you are moving from our school area.

Student Pickup and Drop off
To ensure the safety of all students, please be careful that your child/children are not walking unattended through the parking lot area. Also please keep the bus loading and unloading zone clear of vehicles. Parents are great role models for children and we truly appreciate this opportunity for parents to teach children about road safety!
Student supervision begins at 8:30 am, Bus students are supervised until boarding the buses. Students who are not on buses should be picked up at 3:10. Thank you for your attention to these timelines.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the school office.  
 P. Munro, Principal           

The Ontario Government recently passed legislation regarding concussion, which requires school boards to develop and maintain a procedure on implementation of concussion awareness, prevention, identification, and management in publicly funded schools in Ontario. The Bluewater District School Board concussion procedure (AP 6814-D, available on the board website), which we must follow, provides strategies to minimize the risk of concussion, steps to follow for a suspected concussion, and effective management procedures to guide students’ return to learning and physical activity after a diagnosed concussion.
  Making sure that children receive appropriate care when concussion is suspected and/or diagnosed is the priority of the new procedure. Medical follow-up and documentation will be most important in ensuring that the health and safety of children is paramount. Parents and medical personnel will be required to sign documents regarding a student's ability to return to learn & return to physical activity.
If an individual experiences a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or neck, we would watch for the following as signs and symptoms of concussion:
- appears dazed or stunned
- answers questions slowly or slurs speech
- repeats questions
- is confused about events, dates, etc.
- difficulty recognizing people or places
- loses consciousness (even briefly)
- can't recall events prior to and/or after hit
bump or fall
- shows behaviour or personality changes
- forgets class schedule or assignments
- vomiting
- sensitivity to light or noise
- drowsiness
- one pupil larger than another
We will continue to communicate with parents whenever we are aware that a child has experienced a head or neck injury regardless of whether or not we suspect that concussion may be an issue.

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